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Yarana Chandar

When I grew up, I felt a strong mission in some big topics of life. For long I couldn’t find words or deeds for it. Many tryals and errors followed. For instance with my sexuality. As a child I got the unspoken message “SEX IS DANGEROUS AND BAD” and when I developed towards puberty and ripened those sexual sensations, it felt so good! I got confused, how can something that feels so good, can be bad!? So I started my own sexual revolution. Without knowledge or wise people around me. I wanted to break free, whatever the costs. Fight against painful patterns in my family lines, break rules, rebelliously. What did I find!? Dangerous and bad situations of course. So, I sort of traumatised myself, got hurt, blamed, and found myself in the dark. Broken in unknowing. Tired. Alone. Wisdom in me started to grow here.. Here it was, my white shining pearl. I began to understand this wasn’t just a family thing, I had to do with a much bigger issue! This, I could see was universal. Collective pains. Everywhere around the world humankind is struggling with sexuality, intimacy, lack of energy, lack of wisdom and health, painful desires, bad habits and addictions for not want to feel into those. Taoism began to be my study and practice as it gave me many answers and solutions for my internal struggles. I began to understand the power of owning my own INNOCENCE. This was a serious breakthrough. I claimed it back. Discarded many layers of shame. Reversed my blaming men in general. Apologized. I began to grow a strong INNERLANDSCAPE. My focus went from outside to inside as I am naturally wired this way. I’ve built myself a healthy relationship with my body. My sexuality. My life force. I began to understand the huge sacredness of it all… this strengthened me to dive deeper into my trauma’s, seeing it from higher perspective, reached out for help, got many beautiful lessons, healings and teachings. I began to understand the power of healing. The way this simply works. The trauma’s I’ve dealt with were my pearls.. As deep as I got, I can help others out now, nowadays I receive lots of women with sexual trauma and I am deeply privileged to help them heal themselves. I’m dedicated to always be a student for such strong healings. I receive fully and create with all I happen to be in the moment. Becoming free more and more. Building cleaner, healthier relationships around me. One thing this path gave me is the wisdom of authentic transparent communication. Honesty always… So I am dedicated to share what I learned, and to truly listen to your paths, your wisdom, your seekings and findings, as we empower each other this life time travel.


She dares to make a difference, altho she practices ~Wei Wu Wei~

She aint playing small, altho she is super vulnerable and not afraid to show it.

She encourages everyone on her path to stand their ground, fully, limitless, regardless..

She believes deeply, devotional, raw even.. altho she never chooses one religion.

Her Arcana is a Flower, her Avatar a Dragon and with both feed on the ground she lives.

“Circumstances in life are not in our control, the way we look at things is, here lies our power”

Her daily practice, or better said -every minute of her life- she spends being conscious to the fullest. Sometimes she fails, she falls, gets hurt or hurts but she travels through worlds and always she finds her way back to love beyond measure. This is what she lives for. For divine Love.

“Now that we find ourselves on this beautiful planet, let’s get the maximum out of this! Let us Love fierce, cry devotional, breath limitless, pray always, dance, sit through scary storms together and breath! Remember and share knowledge. I believe in honouring my body, and I want you to do the same. I surely honour your bodies including your personal space, qualities and pains. Those pains are our pearls, when we dare to look into it, feel it fully, all of it, we find our most true selves. Awakened”

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